Day 105 – August 22

Bridge of the Gods 2144.7 to Rock Creek 2163.7 –


Crossed the Bridge of the Gods around 1pm this afternoon. I ended up staying in Cascade Locks two days longer than planned because the PO was closed Saturday and Sunday. I mailed a bunch of stuff home this morning to drop some more weight!

Today’s hike started with a pretty big climb. Almost 4,000 ft incline. The beauty and excitement of being in Washington overpowered everything, though. It’s so green and lush here!!!

Penny and I didn’t even realize that we did 20 miles. Time went so fast!! We talked and made strange noises the whole time. Penny decided that she was going to quit smoking and drinking starting in Washington. We keep joking around saying that I’m her life coach… haha! We also both decided that if we do hike together, that we will both try to do push ups and crunches before bed (Yeah right). She says she’s trying to get rid of her belly (named Pertruvious). I gained almost 10lbs out here somehow…. So I don’t know what’s going on!

I cannot believe how gorgeous this part of the trail is. Only a few more weeks left out here…

Also guys, I apologize for not updating for  so long. I think I needed a break from the blog life for a bit. I’ve been so exhausted to write one each night before bed. But I plan to post as much as possible until I finish!! Thank you guys ❀️


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