Day 85 – August 2

Seiad Valley 1653.4 to 1668.3 (Nero-14.8 mile day)

Hiked out from Seiad Valley around noon and began the 8 mile climb with 4,500ft in elevetion gain…. 

I was such a slug. It took me 6 hours…. That’s so bad!!! Oh well. Once I reached the top it became so much easier and I had already forgotten about how sucky the climb was. Not to mention it was over 90° with very rare shade!! 

I only saw one person entire day while hiking. Supposedly more people are night hiking nowadays to avoid the heat. 

I went about 3 miles without water and felt like I wad shriveling up into a sad little prune. I underestimated how much water I would need, not thinking about how hot and intense the climb would be. I’m okay! (You’d think after being out here for so long I would know better…). I got into camp around 9pm. I reached the water source near a dirt road with some flat space for tenting. 

Tomorrow I aim to do 37.4 miles…. Haha…. We shall see. Sleep tight!

Also, I reach Oregon tomorrow morning!!! 


3 thoughts on “Day 85 – August 2

    1. It works most of the time! Sometimes with bad tree coverage or if something is over it it doesn’t work, but mostly 🙂 my parents love that I have it! And it’s nice knowing I have that SOS button if I ever needed it!

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