Day 74 – July 22

North Fork Feather River 1338.1 to Hat Creek 1367.1 (29 miles) 

In Lassen Volcanic National Park! It’s beautiful (and really really hot). I saw another bear this morning! He was only 10 feet from me… I actually didn’t even see him until the guys in front of me yelled and waved me down. I thought they were waving hello so I just said hi back… Whoops! The bear blended in perfectly with the log next to him. He was probably about 2 years old, pretty small and scrawny looking.

Out paces are different, but I spent my breaks with Click, Cheese Beard and Squints. Fun guys! Click got an amazing photo of the bear. He carries around a hassleblad! At lunch, a ranger chatted with us for a while and told us they see at least one bear a day in the area, and that one of them killed a deer right in front of them the other day. Yikes!

29 miles later, we are all camped out at Hat Creek. Cowboy camping with the spiders (and deer eating bears?). Old station for breakfast tomorrow morning in 3 miles, and then I’m going to aim for a 30 mile day. Next day will be Burney Falls State Park with my aunts Lisa and Joan who are meeting with me to camp out! So excited. 


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