Day 71 – July 19

1262.9 to Williams Cabin Site 1290.1 (27.2 miles)

SO. EXHAUSTED. 27 on a town day, I’m so proud of myself!

It was 21 miles to Belden Town, and I made it before 2pm. That’s pretty impressive! It was a bizarre descent from 7,000 feet all the way down to 2,000. As I got lower, the heat got more and more intense. Belden is a really small and interesting place. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but I’m glad I went. The trail goes right through it! I went into town with Golden and Snacks (facts about Snacks: He’s a really nice 24 year old dude from Australia who likes to make bad “dad jokes”, wears short shorts, and he ate TWO giant burgers in town.) the three of us spent the day together. Eating, talking and swimming in the river. I didn’t want to pay for a shower or laundry, so we used the river. It was so nice! The perfect day for it. 

We were in Belden Town for about 5 hours. The time flew! We didn’t want to get stuck there for the night so we decided to night hike 6 miles up the giant climb ahead. Back up to 7,000 feet! It’s a beautiful night. The moon is stunning! Golden stayed at a single tentsite about half a mile back, while Snacks and I are at the large tentsite where there’s a few others and a fire ring. Golden likes to camp alone! I wish I was more like that. I wish I didn’t get spooked so easily. Maybe I’ll try it more often. 

I didn’t resupply in Belden, but my next resupply is in two days! I’m excited. Drakesbad Guest Ranch! There’s hot springs…


Oh yeah! We picked blackberries along the trail. So yummy!


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