Day 70 – July 18 

Alder Creek 1234.4 to 1262.9 (28.5 miles) – 

What a crazy day. I woke up and hiked out by 6:30. I realized I really like dry granola lately rather than hot oatmeal. It’s so much faster and less fuel! It was nice to have on cold mornings, but it has been super warm lately. I think I’ll stick with it for a while. 

Everyone planned on hiking to Middle Fork Feather River for lunch and swimming. There was a really nice, deep swimming hole where everyone took a dip. Surprisingly, the water was not cold at all! I feel so much cleaner. 

I made THE BEST sandwich EVER. (Hiker hunger, I don’t know if it would be this good at home) It was my favorite seedy bread with a massive glob of coconut peanut butter, banana chips, and granola with blueberries. So flippin’ tasty I almost cried.

 I was down at the river for almost two hours. Right after, was a huge climb. 3,000 feet over 8 miles… not super fun. Plus it was beyond hot today! I took my time. At 6pm I reached Lookout Rock, where there was cell service. So of course, I facetimed Linds for an hour. She just signed the lease for the new place!!!! I’ll be moving there shortly after the trail. I’m really excited actually!! I’ll be living in Minneapolis for about a year to save money for another big adventure! If I were to move out of my parents house while living in SoCal… I have no idea how I would afford anything. The weather will surely be different, but it’s so much cleaner, healthier and more affordable than SoCal. It will be good for me! 

By the time I got off of FaceTime, it was already past 7. But I was only at 23 miles for the day! I somehow managed to do 5.5 more miles before 9. The only campsite I saw had a comment on the GPS app saying “was going to camp here but a bear was here first, so we kept going”. It spooked me out since I would be completely alone and it was already getting dark. I basically ran to beat the darkness. I ended up finding Golden, Swiderman and two others in a random unmarked site. It was a relieving surprise. I didn’t want to keep everyone up by cooking, so I mixed dehydrated  bean dip with nutritional yeast and pumpkin seeds and ate that super fast. Pretty good actually! Then I ate the last of my dark chocolate bar.. Whoops. So much for lasting until my next resupply. 

I’m sore and incredibly exhausted, but content. Today ended up being a lovely day. Also, this section is gorgeous! Goodnight. 


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