Day 69 – July 17

Dirt road 1203.2 to Alder Spring 1234.4 (31.1 miles)  –

31 mile day!!! And I was in camp before 7pm! Pretty proud of myself actually. AND I was running on 2 hours of sleep…

About that, here’s a little update on last night. I ended up setting up my tent last minute in the dark instead of cowboy camping because there were spiders everywhere. The stakes wouldn’t go in the hard ground so I had to use rocks as tie downs. However, the wind was craaaazy and the rocks moved so my tent was flapping around and such. The whole night. I kept trying to fix it, but the rocks around weren’t heavy enough. I tried to sleep through but nothing worked. Eventually, at 4am, I decided to throw everything out of my collapsed tent, crawled out and slept on the ground like a baby for about an hour. I shouldn’t have even set up in the first place. Dirt and spiders are my friends!

Anyways, today I managed to do the first 15 miles before noon. Pretty dang good. I even stopped at 10am for my first lunch break where I made the best sandwich. That’s right. A sandwich. 

I started the day alone, but at noon I caught up to Swiderman and Golden and we hiked the majority of the rest of the day together. We were flying! 

A few miles back from where I’m camped, there was a road where I was offered trail magic. Turns out they were assisting a guy named Carl who is currently trying to beat the fastest PCT record. He’s on day 26! All he had was poles and a trail running vest. His buddies met up with him along the way with food and everything else. Pretty crazy stuff. 

I was going to stop at 26 miles, but decided to push 5 more because it was still so early. Golden stayed behind, and Swider showed up about an hour later. It’s just me and 5 dudes. Conversation between 5 23-27 year old guys is uhh… interesting. 

I made noodles with veggies and ate a whole bar of dark chocolate. We all sat around the fire and hung out until sunset. My tent is pitched properly, and I am warm and content. Goodnight!


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