Day 68 – July 16

Tentsite 1184.7 to dirt road 1208.1 (19.7) – On the trail by 6am and cranked out the 11 miles into Sierra City. It was mostly downhill so it was nice! I reached the highway and saw Scabs! A girl I met at Deep Creek Hot Springs way back in the desert section. She was headed the other way, to Chester. I waited a while for Banjo, but grew impatient while thinking about the food waiting for me in town. I ended up meeting a girl named Golden and we hitched together. We got a ride super quick from a couple of girls headed the same way. 

When we arrived at the cute little mountain town of Sierra City, I ran right into the General Store where Lindsey sent my package. When I told the man at the counter that I had a package there, he just looked at me and pointed at the massive mess of packages in the back of the store insisting that I search for it myself. I searched through boxes for 10 minutes until I found mine. 12 pounds of greatness. I bought a peach and two cans of pineapple juice and headed to a shady spot where I would just about cry of happiness and pain over my new resupply. Happiness because it’s all my favorite stuff, but pain because it’s an added 10lbs on my back!

I hung around town for about two hours and gathered the strength to leave before getting sucked into staying. “But there’s free camping and showers at the church!” “Come hangout with us at the swimming hole! There’s a rope swing!” NOPE! I am getting stronger. IM COMING FOR YA CANADA. 

I left with Golden and Swiderman. Right away was our biggest climb since the sierras. About 3,000 feet over 8 miles. With a freshly heavy pack, the mid-day heat and a waterless section. 

It took what felt like forever, but we made it to a place to camp. 20 miles on a town day ain’t so bad. I had to stop myself from devouring all of the tasty food I got. I have to make it last 5 more days. We talked all night about crazy stuff, it was pretty fun. I was going to cowboy camp until I saw three good sized spiders by my face. Set up my tent last minute in the wind. I did a horrible job and its flapping everywhere but I’m too lazy to fix it. Good night!! 

Also, our ride back to the trail was in a fed ex truck!!!!! Heck yeah. Special delivery!


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