Day 68 – July 15

Spur to I-80 rest area 1157.6 to tentsite 1184.7 (27.1 miles)

I totally forgot to write a blog post last night I was so pooped. We camped out near the I-80 highway rest area. There was access to CLEAN FLUSHABLE TOILETS!!! And a water fountain. Banjo was bummed out by the fact that there was no soda machines. But being able to wash my hands and face and poop comfortably was good enough for me! 

We woke up around 6 and aimed for a 30 mile day. If we were to get out butts up earlier, we would have done more than 27. Regardless, we will be in Sierra City tomorrow morning. Only 11 more miles! Mostly downhill. Banjo is a dingus and sent his package to the PO which is only open TWO hours tomorrow. And then closed Sunday of course. We have to make it there before noon, which shouldn’t be a problem. My lovely box will be waiting for me at the general store. I’m so excited!

Today was actually pretty wonderful. We stopped for lunch where I ate the rest of my food besides what I had left for dinner. The hiker hunger is so real out here. My belly is a black hole right now. I have really been craving a giant veggie burger. I can’t get it off my mind. But every place I stop that has a veg burger, had milk and/or eggs and I die a bit inside. One day out here I’ll find one!

All day, Banjo and I talked about how much kindness we receive out here compared to the “real world”. I really cannot believe it. We went on for hours! But honestly, never have I experienced so much generosity and love. It’s so beautiful. We talked about how everyone who has been kind to us, will receive so much back. How people who do good things, receive good things. Later I saw him picking up garbage on the trail and taking back mean words. It made me so happy! He’s a cool kid. 

Currently, we are cowboy camping on top of a hill. There are other campers, but I’m a bit far away. I didn’t set up my tent so I could save time in the morning. Plus, the bugs aren’t TOO bad and it’s a beautiful warm and clear night. However, I still get a little paranoid out here. Super lame, I know. I just keep hearing snaps of twigs, or crunching leaves. Never fails to freak me out! Then I think about how my ultra thin cuban fiber “tent” really isn’t much of a difference and wouldn’t really protect me from anything besides rain and bugs… For some reason being in a tent feels 1000000x more safe. IM FINE. I need to stop being silly. It’s a perfect night, and there’s a perfect day coming tomorrow. 


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