Day 65 – July 13 

1108.7 to Five Lakes Creek 1135.9 (27.2 miles) 
Such a fantastic day!!!! 

The terrain was great, no massive hills, no crazy water crossings, it was mostly shady all day, barely any snow….. As much as I love the Sierra Nevadas, IM SO GLAD IM OUT OF THEM! My favorite thing is getting to have dry feet for a while! I’m also able to go so much faster, it’s great!

Right on the trail I saw a rattle snake for the first time in quite a while. He wasn’t very happy.. Along with another little yellow and black snake right before it! I missed snakeys. No one else saw them! I feel lucky. 

After 16 miles, around 12:30, Banjo and I reached a road and trailhead with picnic tables where we planned to have lunch. When we got closer, we realized there was trail magic!! A 2013 PCT thru hiker named Story Time was there with treats, drink and a hiker box. He also was giving out custom made lighters with built in bottle openers that read “Hiker Trash – Pacific Crest Trail” on em’. Such a nice guy! I’ll post photos later. We ended up staying over an hour. There was also pit toilets aka butt heaven. I love not having to squat with my sore legs, along with not having to worry about mooning anyone!

Later on, I felt a really strange pain in my big toe… I had to stop to figure it out. I took my shoe off and realized my liner toe sock got its first hole. It was cutting off the circulation and forming a blister on my big toe. Time for new liners! Still can’t believe they have lasted for two months straight. 

The views were so glorious today. 

Banjo is a pretty cool kid. It’s nice to have someone to chat and laugh with out here. I don’t have that very often. We have a very similar pace and hiking style so it’s pretty cool. 

We planned for a 30 mile day of course, and ended up staying at 27 because there’s plenty of space here, along with water. We had a fire, and I cooked my curry dinner which was amazing!!! 700 calories, 36 grams of protein and great fiber. I topped it with nutritional yeast for more B12 and the yummy taste. My belly is happy. I love food!!! I can’t wait to really cook when I get home. 

Less than 60 miles left until Sierra City. I’m so excited to get there. Lindsey sent me a beautiful resupply with so much good stuff!!! Man, she’s awesome. I should be there in by late Friday or early Saturday. Yay!


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