Day 64 – July 12

South Lake Tahoe 1090.7 to 1108.7 (18 miles

– Started hiking at 1pm out of Tahoe, super impressed on how fast I did 18 miles with such a late start! So excited to do bigger miles now that I’m out of the Sierra!!! And then Oregon I’ll be FLYING. In Tahoe, I stayed in a camper on a ladies’ property that I found on couch surfing! It was so nice. She let me go into her house to shower, do laundry, eat and invited me to watch The Revenant… Which was not the best idea for me to watch while in bear country… ( you’d know if you’ve seen it). And now I’m currently cowboy camping with the bears out here… That reminds me, I saw another one while in Tahoe! He was so cute. 

I woke up at 5, determined to hike out. But I ended up falling back asleep of course, and woke again at 8. I walked down to the outfitter where I called about 20 different local trail angels to look for a ride back to the trail. After almost an hour, a lady replied and said she would pick Banjo and I up at noon. So we went to the natural foods store for lunch! So yummy. They have locally made Kombucha on tap AND ITS SO GOOD. She picked us up there and took us to the trail. We began hiking around 1. 

There were so many day hikers everywhere…. but the terrain was so easy! Banjo and I ended up hiking together today. Him and I actually started the same day, and see each other everywhere but have never hiked together! We talked the entire time, exchanging crazy stories and laughing at dumb stuff. It was a good day!!

I cooked my dinner, a veggie burrito bowl and added an avocado! Probably worth about 800 calories. Which I really need… I haven’t been getting enough! Thanks mom!!! 

There isn’t much room around this “tent site” for many tents. So I decided to just curl up in my quilt under the stars tonight. Though the mosquitos are pretty bad…. 

Oh well! My belly is full, today was great, and tomorrow will be even better! I’m happy. 

(I forgot to take pictures today… But here was my cozy and free home in Tahoe)


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