Day 59 – July 9

Kennedy Canyon Creek 1,006 to Hwy 108 1,017 (11 miles, Nero)
I keep “unexpectedly” going into resorts! Currently at Kennedy Meadows North. I had planned to just cross the highway, but of course the town was calling my name and I hitched in “just to eat” and now I’m staying the night…. Whoops!!!

Today was a pretty brutal hike actually. We are out of Yosemite now, and the scenery has changed dramatically. However, after about 10 miles, I reached a very sketchy snow covered ridge. I carefully got passed it. On the other side watching me while taking a lunch break, were two day hikers who told me I was the first one they had seen in the passed 30 minutes who hadn’t slipped down the mountain. Apparently all four people before me had fallen down, two were badly injured and are leaving the trail. After me, was Mr. Tree, who made it and Fury, who I watched fall down the entire mountain. It was certainly the scariest part I’ve experienced, and it was so unexpected. Way more sketchy than Forester, Muir and Whitney. So strange. 

I got reached highway 108, and an elderly couple in a convertible jaguar asked me what I was doing. I told them and they were so in awe! They had never heard of the PCT, or anyone hiking that far. They took a photo of me and sped off. I didn’t bother to ask a ride, I doubt they would like a smelly hiker in that car…

Soon enough, a girl stopped and offered a ride to Mr. Tree, Fury and I. She had the cutest a dog ever, which makes everything 100000x better. 

There are actual Cowboys here, it’s interesting. I piled my face with food, showered and hung out with all the property dogs. 

I was going to stealth camp, but I am bumming it on the floor of the bunk room. Fine with me!! Heading back to the trail at 7. Goodnight!


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