Day 60 – July 8

Sonora Pass 1016.9 to 1041.4 (24.5 miles) – Today was great! I hitched at 7am from KMN back to the trailhead. Started hiking at 8. There were tons of climbs all day, but nothing too bad. I barely saw anyone today, but a trail runner passed me and told said “if you reach hwy 4 before 2pm tomorrow, the road is closed for the bike race. There will be a booth set up, stop by and take any food you’d like.” I started glowing and became so excited! (Mostly because it meant I could eat extra snacks today knowing I’ll probably get more there). 

I had originally planned for 30 miles today, but 25 will do. If I did 30, I would arrive too early for the bike race! So this worked out. I still ended up getting 25 miles done in 10 hours including water stops and lunch! Not too bad. I’m so excited for the easier terrain coming up soon. More miles and less pain!

I set up camp and made a great fire to ward off mosquitos and boil water for dinner. Dinner was from the hiker box I found last night. I scored a big bag of cousous and a bag of trader joes sundried tomatoes. Mixed them with powdered hummus and it was actually super tasty. And then I ate two bars, all of my banana chips, a protein shake, and hot tea… I was hungry I guess. 

Tomorrow should be awesome! Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. 
OH YEAH, TODAY IS MY TWO-MONTHAVERSARY! 60 days on trail. I’m really getting used to this life. Bathing in rivers, cooking over a fire or with my silly little stove, washing my clothes in lakes…. It’s all so simple and wonderful. 


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