Day 58 – July 6

Stubblefield Canyon 982.3 to Kennedy Canyon Creek 1,006 (23.7 miles) -I PASSED THE 1,000 MILE MARK!!! Woooo! I can’t believe it. 1,000 miles. But at the same time… I’m barely at 1,000… not even half way yet! ~1,650 miles to go still!

Today was pretty easy! I didn’t get in 25 miles as I planned, but close enough. I chose to stay by water instead of dry camping. The climb this morning was super quick, and the rest of the day was pretty flat! The only thing again… Was the dang mosquitos. I’m tore up. They are so viscous.

I was alone all day again, but in my last hour of hiking I met a girl, Nevada, who knew of me from instagram! We talked a bit, she’s pretty cool! Now I’m camped out next to a couple of girls named Trial and Error. We ate dinner around the fire and they asked me questions about veganism for a whole hour. I didn’t mind though, I love when folks are curious! 

I have three days until tahoe, but I want to eat everything in my bear can. I’m so flipping hungry doing these miles and climbing all day! I ate curry lentil soup for din and some mango leather. 

Tomorrow will be a lovely day, I’m sure. 


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