Day 57 – July 5

Spiller Creek 957.3 to Stubblefield Canyon 982.3 (25 miles) –
[27 miles if you want to count the two extra miles of me getting magically off trail again… (Ugh)]

It has been SUCH a long day!!! I hiked for 14 hours with only 2 small breaks. Climbed over Benson Pass, Seavey Pass, and what felt like 100 smaller peaks! I was attacked by mosquitos, for real this time. There was a swarm around me 99.9% of the day. BUT IM STILL GOIN’ AND STILL LOVIN’ IT OUT HERE! 

My legs are jelly. I fell so many times today! Silly stuff. I’m so so excited to sleep tonight!

I reached camp and was just about starved so I started heating up water. As I waited for a boil, I went to go dig a poo hole. (I know you shouldn’t leave your stove alone but I REALLY had to go ok). I learned it really is a difficult skill, keeping mosquitos off of your bare ass while trying to squat over a cat hole…. A skill I have not yet mastered. 

I realized I had noodles AND mashed potatoes so I decided to see what all the “ramen bomb” hype was about. I mixed my noodles with potatoes, a broth cube and hot sauce. I don’t know if it was just the hiker hunger or not, but it tasted like a masterpiece. I understand the hype now. 

As I was enjoying my dinner, a solo girl who I had passed earlier decide to set up camp next to me. I probably seem like an anti-social butt head because I ran into my tent right after I finished eating, but it was only to escape THE SWARM! 

Turns out there is a separate swarm INSIDE my tent… I left the zipper open. Whoops. Looks like I’m sleeping with my headnet on. 

TOMORROW IM GOING TO HIT THE 1000 MILE MARK!!! Green Bean is still alive!

Frosty morning


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