Day 53 – July 1

Red’s Meadow Junction 906.6 to 931.2 (24.6 miles) – Stealth camped near Red’s Meadow last night and headed out around 7:30 this mornin. It has been a long day! Went over Island Pass and Donahue Pass, super fun… But somehow I had service for most of the day and I got to FaceTime Linds for a bit while hiking! I passed Devils Postpile National Monument also!


I only have about 11 miles to do tomorrow to get to Tuolumne/Yosemite! One of my greatest friends, Merari, is meeting me there and hanging out for the weekend! It’s going to be rediculously packed…. I might want to do Yosemite Falls and Half Dome. We’ll see!

Tomorrow is going to be downhill for a while, and then flat for a whole 10 miles! This is what I dream of…. NO PASSES!! 

Tonight I made couscous with a bunch of veggies that I found in the hiker box… Hopefully I wake up in the morning…

It was a great day today, besides the fact that I was attacked by horseflies (and mosquitos of course) and I woke up to find a fawns leg outside my tent
Also, I’m too lazy to blow up my pad so I’m attempting to sleep only on my 1/8 inch foam pad. I feel rocks…. Goodnight! It’s going to be a lovely weekend. 


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