Day 50-June 28

Zero in Mammoth Lakes! –

Well, I wasn’t planning on taking a zero day here. Mammoth is definitely a strong vortex. Plus, a storm rolled in. I still plan on getting to Tuolumne Meadows by Thursday. 

Today has been pretty dang nice. I met back up with Tonka and him, creepy and I have been eating all day. I bought a hotel room at Travelodge, which was good because I almost stealth camped without knowing rain was coming. I went around Main Street asking every hiker I could find if they needed a place to stay (to share the room and make it cheaper for everyone). The room is now full with 5 people and $20 per person! I will not pay more than that! 

Got my AMAZING care package from the sweetest lady, Sarah from Spokane. She sent me the best vegan treats!!! [Sarah, you’re incredible]. Had the best tempeh breakfast burrito and a Smoothie, went to Sierra Sundance Whole Foods to get sunscreen, did laundry, showered,  went halfsies on an XL vegan pizza and I’m now in the bathtub updating this crazy blog! I can easily say today has been fantastic. 

Heading out tomorrow to do a big day, and then Tuolumne the next!

I literally just shelled my pistachios for an hour to cut weight…. 

I ALSO AM SENDING HOME 3lbs worth of stuff!!! Soon my bear can will go too!! So 6lbs! 

Excited for what’s coming next. 


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