Day 49 – June 27

VVR 878.7 to Reds Meadow Resort 906.6 + off trail to/from (30 miles) –

What did I just do…. I just pulled a 30 mile day with elevation gain all day, river crossings and night hiking… In the sierras. What???

No I don’t know what is wrong with me. However, we got extremely lucky because for once, the terrain wasn’t so bad and it was a nice gradual downhill as we might hiked. And all the water crossings had log bridges, so no wet feet! 

IM SO EXCITED FOR MAMMOTH! I’m stealth cowboy camping behind the store at the resort. And it’s midnight. But I’m waking up early and then hitching to mammoth! FOOD! The organic health food store!!! FOOOOD!

I’m going crazy after today. It was a tough one. But Spooky and I crushed it!! (Spooky is new hiking pal, she does big miles and has the same hiking style as me! We have been hiking together for the passed couple days.)

We went to VVR yesterday, and there was no power so no shower, laundry, wifi, and they didn’t have much for me to eat. But I worked as a housekeeper for 3 hours and got two free meals, free drinks, snacks and fresh fruit! So that was a win. Also, the girl working there follows me on Instagram and gave me a really tasty home made vegan backpacking meal! So nice. And it was SO GOOD. 

Fun stuff, fun stuff. I’m exhausted. Looking forward to tomorrow, and soon Yosemite! Also I passed 900 miles!


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