Day 43 – June 21

Back to the trail from Kearsarge Pass. –

Last night I stayed at the hostel in Bishop. I have my dads old phone now! He and the pup drove 4 hours to bring it to me and hang out. Probably the last time he could drive out to me since I’m getting further and further away! I’m lucky that he could help me out. He dropped me off where I left off at Kearsarge around noon. I said my goodbyes and headed Jorge switchbacks. Minutes later, I realized Ripley was following me! My dad was distracted talking to hikers he was going to drive into town. Telling her to go back to the car made me tear up. The hike back up to the pass was incredibly long and it was about 90Β°F! But I made it. Once I got back down the other side, I spotted a giant chrome dome umbrella from the distance, and I have only seen one on the trail. It was Tonka and Holly! We literally can’t escape each other. They were heading into town as I was returning. We talked for a while and hiked our separate ways. 

I hiked back to the PCT route, to the same spot I stayed at the night before town. I saw my first bear on trail here! It went right passed the tent! 

I cooked mixed veggies and basamati rice for dinner, brushed my teeth, and ran into my tent before the mosquitos could eat me alive. It’s almost 8, and I’m ready for bed and to get back on the trail. I have to go over Glen Pass tomorrow! Scary, snowy goodness. I ditched my ice axe so let’s see how this goes! 

I plan to be in Yosemite by the first  of July. Pretty excited for that!


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