Day 45 – June 23

Camp near Majorie Lake 808.2 to Grouse Meadows 828.4 (20.2 miles) –

The morning was beautiful. I woke up to the stunning view of the lakes, actually made hot oatmeal, took a great morning poo, and started heading downhill. Immediately hit a ton of stream and river crossings, not bothering to try and keep my feet dry. The temperature increased very quickly and I changed into my silly new short shorts I got from the gear exchange in Bishop. Soon enough, I was climbing to Mather Pass “the most fear-inducing” climb…. Which luckily wasn’t even bad. I got to the top right at noon and had lunch (peanut butter banana roll things).  

Going down, I was to descend from 12,000 to 8,000 feet. It was the longest downhill ever. I usually look forward to going down, but my knees were not very happy! However, my surroundings took away every pain. Everywhere I looked… waterfalls, rivers, purple red and yellow wild flowers, deer, and gorgeous peaks all around. Even through a burn area, it was amazing. Aspen trees blowing and in the wind, and streams trickling all around. 

After being in a trance for quite some time, I realized I hadn’t seen anyone for over 6 hours. Part of me felt an enhancement in the exerience, and the other part of me was a bit freaked out and staring thinking silly things like “what if I’m on the wrong trail” or “what if everyone but me knows about something scary to avoid up ahead”. I carried on until around 6:30, and right when my thoughts were getting rediculous, I found myself in a thick patch of trees with fog or mist rolling in. It felt like a scary movie! I felt like a bear was going to jump out or something so I started counting out loud to 100 over and over (I have no idea don’t judge me). I started counting to 1,000 and things were just getting a bit rediculous. Finally, I reached a camp area near the river where I found human life! Human life invited me to hang out and eat my dinner with them. Dandy Greens, Tank, Lollygag, DJ night cakes (?), KoolAid, and Party Monster. We all sat around in a circle and talked about cool stuff, our trail futures, and somehow our topics turned to strip club buffets and killing groundhogs? I was confused but it was a great night. I haven’t stayed up this late in a while. It was a very long and eventful day. I’m so grateful to be out here in the Sierras. There’s nothing else like it. 


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