Day 36 – June 14

Monache Meadow/Kern River 716.5 to Death Canyon Creek 730.8 (14.3) –
I’m still with Tonka and Holly, we started hiking around 7:30 and climbed… a lot. all the way to 10,500ft!!!!! I didn’t think I would be effected much by the elevation gain but I actually was having a lot of head pain. Not too bad though! I have to get used to it. I’ll be climbing to 14,505 feet in a few days! I’m comin for ya Whitney. 

I’m definitely not getting in as many miles as I had planned for. But I know once I get out of the Sierras I’ll be able to go much faster. Especially through Oregon! I’m excited for big days! I’m going to start getting into my “hike from sun up to sun down” thing again. I think the plan is to summit Whitney Friday morning and get to independence Sunday, we’ll see. 
The climb today was gnarly. One thing that was motivating me (unfortunately) was the “possible cell service” at the top. Once I reached it, NADA! I just wanted to post my blog posts and tell people I’m still alive in bear country! I have no idea when I’ll have service next. You guys will know once I post my super late blog updates! However, the view from the top of the peak at 10,500 feet was magnificent. 

So… Lindsey gave me this veg protein powder.. And it’s super tasty BUT I have been having the worst farts I have ever experienced. I feel bad for anyone hiking behind me because I’m not about to hike while holding in my smelly toots. Whatever!! No shame out here!
I reached Death Canyon Creek ( very inviting name) and it’s so packed with people! I arrived around 5 with plenty of daylight left. I wanted to continue, but I decided to wait for Tonka and Holly. Made friends with Not Sorry, Happy Snatch and Mike, who is from Minnesota and is hiking to raise money for cancer! Mike gets to see his wife for the first time in two months, for their 40th anniversary! Cute stuff. 
I am super low on food because I planned to go much faster… And I’m eating way too much!! I’m supposed to start my period any second and I just want to eat everything. I guess I should start packing extra food. Luckily, Happy Snatch and Tonka had plenty to share and helped me out!! Whoops. 
I can’t believe I’m so tired after such a short day! I guess the climb was pretty intense after not exercising much for two weeks…. It feels like I just hiked 50 miles! I’m so warm and cozy in my little tent and quilt. Sleep time. 


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