Day 35 – June 13

Kennedy Meadows Camp 704.6 to Monache Meadow/Kern River 716.5 (11.9 miles)
My dad and I left home at 5:30am and drove to Kennedy Meadows to drop me off! I slept the majority of the car ride… Which was much needed considering that I only slept two hours last night because I was up until 2am prepping boxes and trying out all the possible ways to pack my backpack with my bear canister in it. At KM, I found my pals Holly and Tonka (they also went on a little side adventure before hitting the sierras). We headed out pretty late, around 11. Saying goodbye to Ripley for 4 months was painful, I love that pup beyond words. Im also so thankful to my dad who has non stop been supporting me on the trail! Dad, you’re cool as heck. And my Momma for sneaking goodies into my resupply!

I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE AGAIN!! My body is so confused. Also, my pack is much heavier now that I’m entering the sierras. (Ice axe, bear can, bug spray+net and bivvy sack add around 4 extra lbs to my back… Ouch) Im a bit insecure knowing that I don’t have any Micro Spikes for the snow/ice, the rei website said they were in stock at my store and when I went they were not!! I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just would be able to go much faster with them because I would feel more confident with my foot placement. Oh well!!

It’s so strange being back here. No more desert, hello Sierras! In a way, I feel like this is the start of the real deal while the desert was just a breezy warm up since I’m used to dryness and heat. I can’t wait for it all!!!! So many emotions. 

It looks like I’ll be finishing the trail around my birthday (October 10th). I think I might try to make it to the northern terminus on that date! That would be a pretty incredible birthday. 

I like hanging out and hiking with Tonka and Holly! They’re fun and I love their energy. Im a bit bummed though, because our hiking style/paces don’t really match. I like to head out early while they like to sleep in! But we’ll see how it goes! Somehow we keep coincidentally running into each other, I’m sure we will keep in touch if anything!

 I’m so excited to summit Whitney!! My body isn’t going to be though. It’s going to be such an enriching experience. Highest mountain in the continental US!! What an amazing achievement. I got this!

Today’s hike was very short, but it has been one of the most beautiful so far. The rolling meadows, the river, and clouds are so stunning.  We are camped near the Kern River. Here there is a bridge and there are dozens of swallow nests underneath it! They swoop  in and out non stop, and it’s so beautiful to watch and hear their tunes. I took a time lapse which I plan to share on my Instagram and Facebook account. It doesn’t compare to the real view, but you gotta see it! We also took a dip in the river, which was suprisingly not cold! It felt so so so nice. 


 If anyone would like to send me a care package or make a donation, I would genuinely appreciate it and will do somethin super cool for you in return!!! It would help me out a ton! However, I do not expect anything from anyone and your online support and love means so much to me already, I appreciate all of you so stinkin’ much! 

Also, if anyone is thinking “maybe if greenbean didn’t take a surprise side trip to see Lindsey in Minnesota she wouldn’t be broke!!” … Linds is the sweetest and flew me out there! It was amazing. MN is so beautiful right now.  We went mountain biking, camping, saw a bear and heard wolves! And ate A LOT of food…. Pretty sure I gained at least 5lbs. Anyways, I have been very lucky and I’m beyond thankful for everything that has come my way. 

Glad to be back out here! 

bear claws possibly?!

Saw eight horses on the trail today. Poor babies. So precious though!


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