Day 50-June 28

Zero in Mammoth Lakes! – Well, I wasn’t planning on taking a zero day here. Mammoth is definitely a strong vortex. Plus, a storm rolled in. I still plan on getting to Tuolumne Meadows by Thursday.  Today has been pretty dang nice. I met back up with Tonka and him, creepy and I have been … More Day 50-June 28

Day 46 – June 24

Grouse Meadows 828.4 to McClure Meadow tentsite 848.1 (19.7 miles) – As much as possible, I try to stay positive out here. No matter what. However, today I hit my very lowest low on the trail so far. It has been an incredibly rough day.  First, I headed out solo at 7 and started climbing … More Day 46 – June 24

Day 45 – June 23

Camp near Majorie Lake 808.2 to Grouse Meadows 828.4 (20.2 miles) – The morning was beautiful. I woke up to the stunning view of the lakes, actually made hot oatmeal, took a great morning poo, and started heading downhill. Immediately hit a ton of stream and river crossings, not bothering to try and keep my … More Day 45 – June 23

Day 40 – June 18

Crabtree Ranger Station to Mt. Whitney, to some camp spot (17 miles) – (Copied from paper journal) My phone disappeared after Whitney! I’ll explain later but today has possibly been the best day of my journey so far. I woke up at 5am and headed towards Whitney by 6. Most folks left around 2-3am to … More Day 40 – June 18