Day 34 – May 25

672.8 to Kennedy Meadows 702.2 + 1 mile to town (30.4 miles)
12 hour day today, and 30 miles by 6pm! I was alone for the majority of my day. I was also the first to hike through the section right after my camp site. I could tell because I was getting all the fresh spider webs in my face! After stopping for water 8 miles in, Pinecone and Freetail caught up and I hiked with them for a while. They are my favorite trail couple! Jealous. They camped at 20 miles, and we said our goodbyes. I probably won’t ever see them again! We exchanged numbers and such though.

It was a gorgeous day. The morning was cool and foggy, then later it was sunny, and then it started hailing and there was thunder and lightning, and after that it was hot and sunny again! Craziness.

After 20 miles, I ran out of toilet paper…. Not exciting. When I saw the porta potty at the highway at 30 miles, I RAN. I almost turned to using rocks and sticks… Those are never fun experiences!

The transition from desert to the mountains was so exciting. I really can’t believe I’m done with the desert. 700 miles, one month… It’s going so fast! Being in the Sierras is going to be so new and incredible for me. I’m craving them already!

When I reached Kennedy Meadows, I saw Ripley (my beloved pup) around the corner when I was approaching the General Store. When she saw me, she ran faster than I have ever seen her run! She jumped up on me and it was the best thing ever I missed her so stinkin much!!! My dad was waiting for me at the store. When I got there, all the hikers on the patio were clapping for me! I love all these hikers. It’s amazing how supportive and considerate everyone is towards eachother out here.

My dad and I went to Grumpy Bears to get dinner. I had a bowl of veggie chili! I am gonna pig out so much this whole week. I carry a tiny fit bit because I like looking at the miles I’ve done and I use it for checking the time, but it shows calories burned and today it said almost 5,000. And it doesn’t know that I’m carrying 20lbs on my back either! I definitely need to be eating more.

Im feeling super excited yet super weird heading to my house right now. It’s going to be so odd being back home after being in the dirt for a month. But I’ll be flying out on Friday to stay with Lindsey so YAY!!! The sierras will be waiting for me. I’m so looking forward to them.

I’m always at least 98% asleep when I write these blog posts and rarely re-read them so I apologize! I’m trying I promise! Thank you to everyone who actually reads them. It feels so nice to know people are interested! You’re all so lovely.


2 thoughts on “Day 34 – May 25

  1. Green Bean, you are amazing! Have been loving your blog posts. Have a fun rest. Remember when you get back on, you will no longer be acclimated. Take it easy as you get going. Being young will work in your favor, but you’ll be climbing up high really fast and might feel really tired. I’m speaking from experience, but from a 66 year old body! You are a total Rock Star!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Nancy! I’m going to try to exercise as much as I can until then, but nothing will compare to how active I have been the past month! I’m so excited for the sierras! Thank you πŸ™‚


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