Day 33 – May 24

Walker Pass 652.1 to mile 672.8 (20.7 miles)

Last night I told myself I would be hiking by 8am. I didn’t start hiking until 10! But hey I still pulled 21 miles! I was aiming for 25… But it was already sunset and there’s bears apparently and I’m a big scaredy still. Now I have 29 miles to do tomorrow, HA. That will be a nice fun day before leaving for my little break. I’m so stinkin’ excited! I’ll be on the plane in two days!

Anyways, it was a great day. My morning was glorious and the hike was just as great (almost). Joan made me coffee, and brought me a veggie wrap! I just wanted to sit in the sun all day and eat more fruit. But I finally got myself to pack up and we headed to the trail. I started the day with so much energy, I went up the mountain so fast! When I reached the top, I almost pooped myself because of how incredible the view was.

I stopped for lunch at noon. Joan hooked it up big time with the best snacks! I chatted with the older Aussie couple. They’re so cute, holy moly.

After 18 miles, I refilled my water at a very slow flowing, buggy stream. There were three guys there doing the same. One, named Dean, was from Melbourne and it was his second day! He’s section hiking. Dean and I decided to meet back up after 4 miles and camp together. We didn’t hike together because I was still sitting in the dirt eating my smushed avocado, while he was ready to hike on. One of the other guys told me that there was another fellow named Green Bean and I’m kind of bummed. His buddy mentioned that it might actually be String Bean… I hope so! Kinda wanna meet him though.

Tomorrow is going to be craziness. Let’s see if I can do 29 to Kennedy Meadows before sunset! Woo!

I’m loving life, and I’m feeling amazing. I can’t wait to be back in the beautiful Sierras in two weeks!


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