Day 31+32 – May 22,23

Bird Spring Pass 630.8 to Walker Pass 652.1 (21.3 miles) + unexpected yet very necessary zero day

Woke up at 5am and hiked out before 6! It was beyond cold and the wind was gnarly, making it feel 10x colder. Waking up that early was so worth it, the morning view of the sunrise made me melt.
First up was a nice 2000ft climb. It went by quick though because I was basically running so I could get warm. The rest of the way was so fantastic! (Besides almost getting run over by ATVs). It was mostly flat and downhill to Walker Pass. I got to the campground right before the pass at about 3pm and hung out there for a while with some other folks at the water cache. I was to meet Joan (my aunt) at 4pm about half a mile further so I wasn’t worried about time. I hiked on to meet up with her and she ended up being at the campsite the whole time! We even locked eyes but didn’t process that we saw each other. She thought I was meeting her at the campground, while I thought she was meeting me at the Walker pass monument half a mile up. It was pretty funny! After four, she asked a trail angel who was at the cache if he had seen me and he told her I left with a group to Lake Isabella! She thought I was blowing her off and I thought she forgot about me! But it all worked out and we had a blast. We stayed at the campground and she brought me the greatest vegan feast, oh man. I have been so spoiled. My tummy was jam packed with happiness. Curry, rice, cake, fresh fruit, coconut water, two days resupply and tons more! I was speechless it was all so amazing and generous! I went into the biggest food coma. So worth it. We talked all night, had a fire and I devoured more and more food. One of my favorite days yet! I’m so glad she could visit me.

^ My beautiful and incredibly delicious dinner!

^ A freakin vegan whoopie pie! (One of the tons of deliciousness she brought me)

^ Joan after accidentally pouring salt from the wrong side onto her watermelon! (Salty watermelon is oddly really tasty, I have discovered thanks to her)

It was really fun stuff! We have only really met once or twice previous to this and we actually had the opportunity to hang out and learn about each other! She’s definitely one of the most amazing and kind hearted beings I have ever met.

I woke up the next morning and decided I wanted to take a zero day. The morning sun felt so good, there was still so much food to be devoured, and my body was exhausted. I spent the day here at the campground and ended up hanging out with Penny, Bourbon, Pinecone and her girlfriend (wife?), Freetail. It has been a really nice and relaxing day! My tummy is stuffed, all food is devoured, and I’m ready for tomorrow’s hike! 25 miles, and then another 25 the next day until Kennedy Meadows! Also, penny’s uncle brought his dog, Poppy. Highlight of my day. I miss Ripley SO MUCH.

There’s bear warnings from here on. Feeling excited but still a bit scared deep down.

I’m feeling so happy lately, and I’m so beyond thankful for everything and everyone out here. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.



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