Day 29 – May 20

Mile 587 to Piute Mountain Road 608.1 (21.1 miles)

Last night I planned on hiking out this morning by 6. I ended up an hour late. I laid there forever all cozy in my burrito of warmth and smelliness. I felt like if I stuck even just my arm out, it would freeze within milliseconds and fall off. Once I mentally prepared myself, I wiggled out of my quilt and finally got up. It was so cold and windy! I did push ups and crunches to get warm.

I headed out in my short sleeves, thinking I would warm up and immediately regretted it. I bundled myself up and speed hiked and still wasn’t warm! The wind chill made it feel like it was actually freezing. Β After about 5 miles I stopped and made hot oatmeal.

There were a lot of Poodle Dog bushes in the burn area right after where I camped. You can smell them from a ways away! I thought we were done with the Poodle Dog, guess not. Fortunately I haven’t touched it yet! Supposedly a few people have this year. Not fun!

I barely saw anyone today, and only got cell reception once, on top of Hamp Williams Pass. On the to the pass, the scenery was so glorious. The greenest of greens I’ve seen so far. Rolling meadows with little yellow and purple flowers hiding beneath the grass.

For lunch, of course I had my peanut butter banana roll up thing. Along with the rest of my (beyond delicious) plums and a strip of Primal hickory smoked vegan jerky (also my fave)!!

I reached the last reliable water source for Β the next 40 some miles. It was a pool of greenish buggy water with a big red bucket to scoop with.

I was planning on doing at least 25 miles today, but I figured I should get to bed earlier and just head out as early as I can tomorrow to fit more miles in that way. I found a nice place to camp, so why not! Only 44 more miles until Walker Pass! Should be there by Sunday afternoon.

At 6pm I set up camp, sat in my tent all bundled up and cooked dinner in my vestibule. No one has passed by me today besides “Navy Dan”. I was wondering if I would see anyone else before bed and, of course, out of nowhere I hear “company?”. It was “Two Shoes”, he decided to camp near here as well. We cooked our dinners. He was making chicken flavored ramen, with peanut butter (don’t ask me). I decided to make rice and beans with avocado again. I dont have any tortillas, so I just scooped them together. It was such a perfect avocado!

When I ran out of avocado I added potato flakes to the bean and rice soup. I was scared at first but it was so tasty. (Man what am I doing I miss real food already).

It looks pretty gross but I swear it was good. Or was it? maybe it wasn’t but the hiker hunger said yes.

Today was good! I still really dig hiking solo, let’s see how long that lasts.

Here’s some pictures!

Saw signs warning me of cows (only saw poop and footprints again, bummer), hiked through spooky trees, found a giant bone of some sort and passed mile 600!


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