Day 28 – May 19

Mile 566 to 587 (21 miles)

Today was one of my favorite days so far. It was also my first day hiking and camping out completely solo!

I had a bit of a late start, beginning my day at about 8:30. But I still managed to get to camp at 21 miles before dark! The climb out of Tehachapi was a pain in the butt, literally. However, it was so nice out! The sun was bright, but the wind was strong and they felt amazing together.

I hiked until 1pm where I found a nice spot off trail to take a lunch break. I ripped my shoes off, and most of my clothes, and layed out under the sun. I did some stretches, and ate banana strips with peanut butter, trail mix, and plums. Exciting right? I’m actually really addicted to the banana and peanut butter thing.

I have discovered that I really really love hiking alone. For many reasons! First, I get to stop whenever I want and feel no pressure to rush/get stuck longer than I desire. Second, I can sing really horribly without the possibility of bugging anyone. Third, my mind feels so much more free, because I’m not worrying about silly things like how far ahead or behind I am from someone, how I’m scared to pee or take break because I’ll get behind.. etc. I have felt SO good today. I have new and bright ideas for my future as well! Pretty excited.

I pitched my tent near turbines, so it’s pretty loud and windy. But if I kept going it would be dark and I would have had to climb right before bed! No fun. I made spinach dal for dinner, along with some dark chocolate and herbal tea. I feel great and my tum is satisfied.
Tomorrow I’m aiming to do a pretty big day. Hopefully 25-29 miles. Hopefully I can wake up early enough and not have to night hike! I’ll be at Walker Pass hopefully by Monday. My aunt, Joan is going to meet me there. I’m super stoked! And then a couple days after, I’ll be in Kennedy Meadows where my dad will pick me up and later take me to the airport on the 27th, where I’ll be flying to Minnesota to avoid the snow in the sierras a bit and to spend much needed time with Lindsey!

Everything is going so well and I’m so happy. Tomorrow I’ll hit 600 miles too!

The one con of today, was seeing this. Irks me beyond words. I’d like to have a chat with “Cyborg”. So rediculous. Why is this guy even on the trail??? He tagged on every sign for several miles. I’m gonna find this dude.


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