Day 27 – May 18

ZERO MILES!! In Tehachapi, Ca.
I tried to sleep in, because I actually had a chance to, but my internal alarm clock had be up before 6am. I woke up, had breakfast, and went to the post office to pick up my resupply package. When I got there, I remembered my dad said to ask for the “cow box”. I was confused but the mail lady knew exactly what it was! My dad colored cow spots all over the box. The post offices get so many packages during hiker season, so it helps if you make the box distinguishable. Dads idea was a success! My parents also added a bunch of goodies to my pre made box and it made my day! I guess they’re pretty cool!

Right before leaving the post office, a man with blue hair and a ball cap came in and asked me “are you the hiker?” After seeing my pack on the ground. He was a trail angel looking for hikers to help out! The post office was the right place. The walk to the post office was a bit long, but Dalton (the angel) gave tots and I a ride back to the Best Western. He was such a nice guy. He ended up driving me around several times throughout the day to the airport (where they let hikers camp and shower), the grocery store, and the hotel. Dalton takes 6 weeks off during hiker season just to shuttle us around all day, for free! He even texted me later on after I left Tehachapi saying “just checking in. Do you need anything at all?” SO NICE!!!! I love people sometimes. He’s also renovating his backhouse into a place for hikers to stay when they pass through!

Anyways, I spent most of my day at the airport, reorganizing all of my gear and food. TaterTot had left to go to her parents house at this point. My aunt Lisa came to visit me, treated me to dinner at ThaiHatchapi (where I got extremely delicious spicy red curry green beans duh) and then we stayed at the hotel. We talked forever. It was super nice!
Before bed, I took a bath in Epsom salt that I oddly found in a hiker box (box filled with unwanted junk hikers leave behind for others to take if desired). I felt like I was in heaven and I almost fell asleep in there.

Pretty great rest day!


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