Day 26 – May 17

Cottonwood 535 to Tehachapi Willow Springs Rd 558.5 (23.5 miles)
I left alone this morning, before the sun was completely up. The sunrise with all of the wind turbines was pretty cool. Cowboy camping is so great, because you don’t really have much to pack away. I always feel like I’m going to wake up with bugs or a snake cuddled up with me, but hey what’s the problem there? I hiked for about 6 miles until I reached a stream at about 9am, where I filled my water. There, others cought up and we took a little break together.

Afterwards, we had a 4 mile climb. WHERE ARE MY HIKER LEGS? I AM GETTING IMPATIENT. That was a huge pain. Once we reached the top, you could see miles and miles of wind turbines and rolling hills.

It was sunny, hot and windy all day. But out of nowhere for about 15 minutes, it started pouring while we were up on the hill.

I got pretty cold, and I was soaked. But shortly after I had to take my rain gear off because the sun already came back out and I was sweating like crazy. Because it was so windy, I wasn’t feeling as hot in the sun. Causing me to get my first sunburn! Woooo!

Overall, today was so so beautiful. It was pretty tough, but I’m so content. Especially now that I’m hiding away in a best western freshly showered with my belly full of avocado rolls and edamame. I’ll be here in Tehachapi for a zero tomorrow. Second zero in almost a month! I need it.


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