Day 25 – May 16

Horse Camp 508 to Cottonwood 535 (27 miles)

Today was my longest day so far! I hiked out from camp this morning and made it to Hikertown (9 miles) by 10am! The place was pretty interesting. It’s made to look like a little old town, and you get to sleep in little shacks that were made to look like different buildings (store, hospital, city hall etc.). The owner, Bob, lets hikers take the van down to the store nearby. A bunch of us squished into this van, an old beat up Astro, with no door latch, a broken swinging window and no seat belts!!! It was rather funny.

The day was really hot and dry. So I rested up in the shade in Hikertown until 3pm. It was a long stretch, with insane winds sand blasting my legs and occasionally my eye balls. But it was really cool to hike along the LA aquaduct. It’s a 17 mile stretch with no water for us hikers, but just a few feet below us there’s a dang aquaduct filled with tons and tons of it!

Stopped for dinner right before dark. I made bean, rice and avocado tacos! And of course my Cholula packs.

Night hiked until around 10:30 until I reached the bridge. Tonight was beyond windy, and everyone was hoping the bridge/overpass would shield them from it. It was basically a wind tunnel. While night hiking, I was sand blasted in the face at least 10 times. It was insanity! Once I got to camp, I literally just plopped myself down and slept under the stars. Slept like a baby! And woke up to this.


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