Day 24 – May 15

Casa de Luna to Horse Camp 504.2 (~17 miles with detour)

Signed Sheet
Started the morning off at Casa de Luna. The folks there are so beyond generous and fun!!! They make taco salad each night for all the hikers and pancakes for breakfast. Tots had pancakes while I made my sad oatmeal. But the place was pretty cool! Signed a giant sheet covered in hiker trail names, wore a Hawaiian shirt with everyone else, got a Pct 2016 bandana, took the group photo and found out why the place is called Casa de Luna! You also get to paint a rock, but I forgot to. Sad stuff.

Today though, we hiked out from Casa de Luna around 7am and hitched around the fire closure. Got to ride in the back of another pickup truck and froze my butt off!! We hiked 17 miles and reached the horse camp. There’s so many people here now!! And of course, I pitched my tent right next to the only picnic table! The hikers are swarming. I had pad thai for dinner, along with an avocado and vegan brownies. Heck yes.

The hike today was beautiful. Rolling meadows and trees and incredible views. I took a nap under a tree where I had a chance to call Lindsey! So nice. I’m going to reach the sierras way too early, and it’s not safe to enter before June 15th. I don’t have snow experience, and I don’t want to risk anything so im going to wait it out and return around the 10th of June. In the mean time, I get to stay with Lindsey in Minnesota for a while! Flying out on the 27th. So so so excited. Many others are doing the same thing.

Tomorrow, we will reach hiker town. I heard the place is a bit odd. Something about the guy there having a porn den where he asks hikers to be filmed? I will not be staying there!! But we will stop in and then hike back out when it cools off in the afternoon. Hiking along the LA aqueduct!

Also, I passed mile 500 today!!! Feels amazing. And I got my hair cut in hiker heaven. I gave in!


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