Day 21 – May 12

Messenger Flat 430.4 to Acton KOA 444.4 (14 miles)

Today was actually really great. Pretty eventful! Tots, Brightside and I have been in and out of a group of hikers including Strider, Stitches and Nick. They’re pretty fun! Camped with them a few times now.

After about 6 miles of hiking, there was a ranger station with soda and candy bars… Of course everyone stopped in! I refilled my water and tried to mentally prepare myself for the wild 8 miles ahead of us. It was already almost 90Β° by about 10am. In the desert with no shade. Luckily I have my sun umbrella, but man I was cooking. Hottest day yet I’d say. Stitches actually got dehydrated and was close to getting heat stroke! It was a struggle.

We arrived at the KOA (Kampgrounds of America) in Acton right before 1 O’clock. After 15 miles in the heat, and a late start, that’s some pretty good time. No one was really taking breaks considering that there was no shade.

Right when I got here, Tots and I took showers. There’s a pool, and they make hikers shower beforehand. For some reason after my shower I didn’t want to swim anymore! But we did laundry and later on hitched a ride into town. A man who barely spoke English picked us up and drove 80 mph into town. I am alive. We went to the grocery store and I immediately ran to the produce and basically bought one of every kind of fruit. And chugged a bottle of coconut water. Then I bought Chinese food. From an “Italian, Chinese, Mexican , American Bistro”. What??? Pretty tasty actually. The boys got two pizzas delivered and bought a bunch of beer of course! As we sat and chatted at our table, a couple of hikers were in a one man tent with no cover on it (in broad daylight right next to us) gettin’ it on… Of course I pitched MY tent next to theirs tonight. Regrets.
I am sleeping with about 50 bugs tonight because I left my tent open all day! Besides that, it’s actually super nice out. First night I am sleeping without my thermal layers on. Plus I hear crickets and frogs, so lovely!

Tomorrow will be a hot and fun uphill stretch into Agua Dulce, but I get to resupply and have another easy day.
My arms are getting so tan… Extreme farmer tan going on though. PS menstruation on the trail is not fun at all!!!


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