Day 17 – May 8

First zero!!! (No miles today)

Tots family met us in Wrightwood and rented another cabin from airbnb! We have been so spoiled this first few hundred miles. No complaints though! Yesterday my parents brought me more resupply food and the dog!! So thankful. It’s so strange knowing that I’m only 30 minutes from home. Also, they brought me regular clothes to wear while I wash my smelly hiker clothes. Feels so crazy to be back in my Corduroys and a t shirt.

Last night we made pizza and I played board games with Tots little brother. It has been so nice to actually have time off. My body needs it! We will hit the trail again tomorrow. Hopefully to do around 25 miles! (If our bellies aren’t too full). My brother and his buddy Zack are also coming to visit and sleep over here. He spent $50 in snacks to bring me and I’m stoked. I NEED ALL THE FOOOOODS. My tummy hasn’t been happy with this, but My taste buds are.

Tonight we are making a giant veggie roast and napping a whole bunch. I might also give in and get my hair cut…. We’ll see.

Here’s some pictures from the last few days!

I’d love to meet this guy…. No thanks. Someone help him!


3 thoughts on “Day 17 – May 8

  1. Hello forestfilth!
    I am a looooong time friend of your family, and I live in Central Oregon. I hope you will give me the honor of meeting you, when you reach my area. I think what you are doing is AMAAAAAZING!! ROCK ON GIRL!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I live in Redmond OR, near the Three Sisters Wilderness Area. Redmond is smack dab in the middle of Oregon.


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