Day 14 -May 5

Mile 307.9 to 328.1 (20.2 miles)

I am so so sleepy and it’s way passed “hiker midnight”so I’m gonna make this one short!

Hiked out of the hot springs and had our first “river forge”! We crossed a shallow creek and I ate a whole pack of dehydrated banana strips rolled up with peanut butter… Super high calories, energy and super tasty! I have never felt such hiker hunger pains like I did today. I’m super low on food and all I want to do is eat. I definitely need to pack more snacks. Also I found my filter it was hiding unde my pack liner!

We are currently camped at Silverwood lake! We did 20 miles before 4pm and I’m pretty proud. Including a bunch of breaks! We will be at Cajon Pass tomorrow, to eat a bunch of garbage and hide from the storm. Then the next day, Wrightwood! Pretty dang excited. We might take our first zero…. And then after, we will crank up our mileage to be no lower than 22 miles a day!

Dinner was good tonight, black bean soup with veggies, nacheez, and couscous. We have been sharing our little feasts and it’s fun stuff. The soup provides 92% DV of fiber…. And we already got plenty of fiber from the rest of the day.. So tomorrow should be interesting. At least we shared and won’t be alone. Maybe our gas will boost our speed and we will reach Cajon Pass even faster! (I’m already going crazy out here help).

I hear frogs and my butt is really cold GOODNIGHT!!!!

Ps. I think we are sticking with Green Bean for my trail name!


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