Day 11 – May 2

Mile 190.5 to 209.5 (19 miles)

Last night was my coldest night yet. I haven’t had any problems with sleeping at all this trip, but my feet were just about frozen. Tater Tot and I woke up around 5:30am, had breakfast, packed up and headed out. Today was probably one of the toughest yet. We went from snow at 10,000ft elevation, to being back in the dry hot desert at about 1,000 feet within 15 miles. My toes were smashing at the front of my shoes, and my feet were swollen and started to blister again on my big toes (I’m going to have a new pair of shoes Tomorrow yay!!!). I checked my thermometer and it was about 90Β°. After 16 miles, we reached a random water fountain literally in the middle of nowhere. As odd as it was, we were so thankful for it. From there, the trail turned into a paved road, which was incredibly painful to walk on after being on the trail! The last 3 miles to the 10 freeway felt more like 10 miles. We could finally see the highway overpass, and Sonya (a super cool lady I section hiked with last month) was waiting for us in her air conditioned jeep!!! She gave us a ride to the hostel in big bear, to get around the closure. We first went to Ziggy and the Bears house, and she dropped off goodies for the hikers. So sweet of her!!! The drive was about an hour and a half, but we exchanged stories and talked a whole bunch. It was nice! Trails really do bring such amazing humans into your life. I wish I had something to give her in return for her kindness… But I don’t think she would appreciate smelly socks or sad trail food. Not very exciting.

Tots and I got a whole dorm to ourselves! There’s six beds in here, but it’s just us and our crap spread out everywhere. We walked down to the village and went to a himilayan restaurant and got samosas and mixed veggies with rice. We were almost crying it was so so so so SO good.

We will be back on the trail tomorrow morning. My dad is coming up here to bring me new shoes and more trail food for the next 5 days or so! We should be in Wrightwood by Sunday.


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