Day 8 -April 29

Mile 119.6 to 144 (24.4 miles) 
Today was intense! Lots of incline. But Tater Tot and I still managed to hike almost 25 miles! We started hiking around 7:30. After about 7 miles, we went to “Mikes Place” to get water, where we met more hikers, and took a nice break. Mike was giving hikers hamburgers and cold beer for lunch! Thanks but no thanks mike! It is nice to know there’s so many great trail angels out there.
While hiking, Tots and I mostly talked about good vegan food and how much we miss our significant others… Her boyfriend left his phone on the bus so they can barely talk! And MAN I MISS FRESH JUICE AND MAKING BREAKFAST EVERY MORNING. We are getting picked up by her mom tomorrow to get around the closed off burn area, which is a bummer, but she is bringing vegan cookies…. So YEEESSSS. We will be in Idyllwild tomorrow, so it will be a short day and possibly a zero Sunday. Which is a good time because it will be stormy out. And my body is so exhausted.

Later on, we met up with two guys from Germany, who we hiked with for the last 3 miles. We are all camping together with a few others! This spot is nice, but it’s windy as heck and is going to rain soon. Yay! Excited to get to Paradise Cafe tomorrow. More potatoes for me.
I almost forgot, when I ran into some bushes to take a poop, I headed back to the trail and saw this.

 My sun umbrella got snagged and I didn’t even realize it! Good thing I looked back in that direction. Thought it was pretty funny.


 More trail magic next to a pot farm!


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