Day 7 – April 28

Mile 109 – 119.6 (10.6)

Woke up to the sound of rain drops this morning. I didn’t want to move, I was so warm and content. But we decided to get up finally around 8 and headed to Warner Community Resource Center, where the party apparently was. There was a field right outside the building that looked like hiker tent city. Inside, there were several tables set up filled with free fresh fruit, and hiker boxes full of unwanted and extra goodies. Along with dozens of hikers! I ate 5 pears and two apples…. After, we got a hitch to the post office where I picked up my first resupply box! Pretty exciting. Warner springs is such a small town. But next door there was a golf resort or somethin, and it had a restaurant.. so of course, we ran in. OH YEAH and this dog followed me from the post office to the restaurant and waited outside for us! She was just following hikers everywhere. I wanted to take her home. Man I miss Ripley!

We hitched back to the resource center where I filled up my food bag with my new supply, and of course ate more fruit. Also, met a bunch of hikers who I know from social media! Fun stuff. Met a girl trail-named “Tater Tot” who is my age and is also solo and plant powered! She decided to join Adam and I for the next while. It’s also funny because Adam was going to trail name me tater tot, or taters (since all I have been getting in town was potatoes in some shape or form) Good thing he didn’t!
The three of us set out around 2pm, and when we stopped for water, Adam disappeared? I stopped where we planned on camping out for the night and he wasn’t here. So Tots and I decided to just camp here anyways because it was the only stop with water for a while! Another super cool chick trail-named “Bliss” decided to join us for the night! It was really really nice to sit around camp all together and have dinner with good conversation!
Today’s stretch was beyond gorgeous. The views were breath-taking! My butt is sore from all of the uphill, but it’s so worth it. Tots and I decided we will hike to Idyllwild together. There’s a burn section that we have to skip, so her mom is going to drive us and she’s bringing vegan cookies!!! Stoked. And once I get to Idyllwild, my dad might be bringing Ripley! Hoping to be there by Saturday. There’s also a vegetarian/vegan restaurant nearby! Couldn’t get any better than this. So excited for the near future. And so happy I have met such lovely humans already!


One thought on “Day 7 – April 28

  1. This is Tina- My mom is stressing out that you lost Adam. Please reassure her/update us in your next post. Sending you all good energy for a safe and peaceful hike πŸ™‚

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