Day 6 – April 27

Mile 88 to 109.1 (Warner Springs)

21.1 miles

Slept for almost 10 hours last night, cowboy camping, and woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise.  Look at it! Ahh! It’s so so nice to wake up with the birds, as they start to sing.

Started hiking around 6am and later on found the billy goat cave!

Oh yeah… I REACHED 100 MILES!!!! 100 miles in less than 6 days! I’m so proud of myself! Now this, 26 more times!

I haven’t had one bad day yet. I won’t allow it! Everything has been so incredible and crazy all at the same time. Also, I finally feel and see a difference in my calves (my chicken legs are finally getting some muscle). I’m getting stronger! I’m getting somewhat tan too.  I have silly trekking pole strap tans across my hands. I’m probably going to look so different when I get home, oh my.
In the middle of our day, we came across a creek and, of course, ran to soak our swollen feet in the icy cold water. It was magnificent.  I let them dry in the sun and headed back out feeling so refreshed!

After about 18 miles today, I reached Eagle Rock. I walked all around this giant rock, and never saw a flippin eagle. I gave up and waited for Adam to catch up. I followed him as he went to check it out and of course, the eagle was so obvious. I have no idea how I missed it.
Hiked through the prettiest views through grassy meadows filled with cow turds and hoof prints… but no cows. I was very bummed about this. But my oh my it was beautiful.

Now I’m camped out. Had my dinner (refried black beans with cholula, and two packs of oatmeal with dried fruit and peanut butter… I was very hungry). Tomorrow morning I’ll hitch to town to get my first resupply and probably stop at a restaurant! For the only thing I’ve been getting in town… Some form of potatoes (which is ok because potatoes are prob my favorite). It’s supposed to rain all night until late morning. We shall see how my first time sleeping in the rain goes!





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