Day 5 – April 26 

Mile 77-88


Got a hitch from the hotel from the sweetest little old lady who took us to Moms Pies where pct hikers get free pie and a free drink! Adam got his pie and I got apple cider which was super tasty. Afterwards we walked to the store where I got fresh fruit and almost died of happiness. Adam was still hungry so we got breakfast as well. Julian is such a cute little mountain town!!! Adam and I got separate hitches back to the trail, but I was picked up by this amazing young couple who hiked the trail in 2014! During the drive we saw a dude on the side of the road with a bike lying next to him, and we totally thought he was dead. Turns out the poor dude is just the town drunk? And he just does weird stuff like that all the time.

Started hiking around 11:30. The views are so amazing up here! I’ve seen a ton of snakes in the past 10 miles too. AND THE WILDFLOWERS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s been such a great day I’m freaking out.

Heading to Warner springs tomorrow to get my first resupply!! Going to aim to get there before 3pm before the PO closes, 21 miles.

We decided to stop early at a really nice spot to camp where we will see the sun rise and set over the San Felipe Mountains! Pretty stoked.

Looking forward to Warner Springs!


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