Day 4 – April 25

Somewhere? to Scissors Crossing (26mi)

Mile 51 to 77

Woke up at 3am to hike but fell back asleep. Started hiking at 7am. I felt so amazing today! Learned that it helps a lot if you don’t complain. Kept positive and was able to move much faster! Was stuck in a very intense windstorm all day, I blew off the trail countless times. Even after 26 miles, today was amazing and so much fun.

I did have one freak out though. I thought I was going to run out of water, but found water with only half a liter left in my bladder! Near the water there was restrooms at a nearby trailhead. It was so windy that I decided to have lunch in there… Which was amazing. I made two bags of refried beans and added Cholula and vegan nacho cheez and it was actual heaven.

When I got cell reception and the wind died down, I called Lindsey and talked to her for a whole hour while hiking! I know I won’t have service much later on, so it was so lovely to get a chance to talk. She motivates me to push on each day! So happy to have her support. Hopefully I’ll see her once I get to Oregon!

Made it all the way to scissors crossing by sunset. Didn’t have any luck with our thumbs out to get a hitch to Julian, and the storm clouds were rolling in quick, but I got so lucky just in time! My aunt knows someone who lives up in Julian, and he gave us a hitch and bought us a hotel room! So thankful. It’s freezing and rainy outside. After this long ass day, I need this.  Planning on taking it easy tomorrow and spending some time in town! Then later we will get back on the trail until dark.

Took a hot shower, washed my clothes and now I’m beyond comfy in this warm bed. Forever thankful for the universe. Day four and I’m so incredibly happy. Fresh fruit in town tomorrow!!


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