Day 3 – April 24

Mt Laguna to somewhere
Mile 42 to 51

Woke up today around 8, washed my socks and underwear, had breakfast at the cafe with Meghan, Cheeseburger, Mike and the couple from Sweden! Started hiking around 11. Today has a very high wind warning, and it’s been slowing us down but the view of the desert below is breath taking! We decided to stealth camp surrounded by bushes where it is much less windy. Going to sleep early tonight to wake up at hopefully 3am to head to Scissors Crossing at mile 77 to get a hitch to Julian. We only did about 10 miles today, but that’s fine because my body needs rest and Adam is having foot problems. Surprisingly, I felt really amazing today. When I woke up I could barely walk but after eating and stretching I felt great! Proud of myself after those two 20+ mile first days! Tomorrow will be crazy if we can actually pull a 26 mile day! Hoping so. I guess we will find out! I like hiking with a buddy, but I’m starting to really enjoy the times I get to hike solo. Adam and I have pretty different hiking styles, mind sets and paces so we will see how long we stick together. I SAW DOGS TODAY AT THE TRADING POST IN LAGUNA AND I REALLY MISS RIPLEY. It’s only day three oh man. Someone please bring me my dog.
Here have some photos!

Β Β 


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