Day 2

Lake Morena to Mt. Laguna (22 miles)

Mile 20-42


Ended up waking up a bit late and headed out at 8am. Such a long and crazy day. The heat was unreal! But even with the elevation gain, sun, late start, and long breaks, I still made it to Mt. Laguna before dark and in time to get a giant bowl of vegan chili before the restaurant closed. I basically ran the last three miles… Lol. It was well worth it. (Listening to ‘don’t stop me now’ non stop for 3 miles strangely pushed me to hike as fast as I possibly could)
Had my first trail magic today also!

 This is the marvelous Carl who provided me with some iced tea! Heck yes.
Saw a giant rattle snake and a super cute coyote too along with a bunch of other little critters. Animals are so exciting!

I got my first blister today. Which is weird because I have never gotten a blister in these shoes with this combination of socks (La Sportiva Wildcats, Injinji liners with Darn Tough cool max socks for the trail nerds). Taped it up and kept trekking! My shoes are a size bigger but with swollen feet they feel a bit snug. Might be it.

Had lunch and hiked a bit with a fun solo thru-hiker named Meghan! I barely remember people’s names on the trail, I have come by so many already! All I know is that I have met 4 Jeffs so far.
Adam met up with me at the restaurant about 30 minutes after I got there. I booked it so I could make it in time to order us food! I was going unbelievably fast. It’s barely day two and the hiker hunger has already kicked in full affect. I teared up a bit when I saw the sign saying I was almost to the restaurant.  We met Cheeseburger and Mike, who are letting us crash on their hotel floor tonight! I got a hot shower which was amazing. I AM SO STIFF. I need to stretch hardcore. I didn’t know my body was capable of doing this amount of miles so soon!

Since my body needs rest so badly and it’s already late, I plan on sleeping in and only doing maybe 12 miles tomorrow. Unless I get there and want to push on! We will see. I should hopefully be in Warner Springs mile 109 by Tuesday or Wednesday.

IM LOVING EVERY PART OF THIS. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.


One thought on “Day 2

  1. Your pics remind me of my Camino 2013… Then also had swollen ankles/feet too (but no pain, so no big), also against advice of some i always lanced and drained blisters before taping them up… Never failed to heal super quick.
    Glad you’re loving it! xo!

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