Day 1

Campo to Lake Morena

Mile 0 -20

   Day one is complete!! I am alive! Adam and I started this morning at about 6. (Adam will be hiking with me for the beginning of the trail). It still doesn’t feel real. I am actually hiking from Mexico to Canada for 5 months…. It hasn’t hit me yet. However, it HAS hit me, after this 20 miles day, that I am very out of shape! I can’t wait to get my hiker legs. I’m currently very sore and wiggly. Anyways, today was super hot, the climb to morena was killer. But so happy we made it. No blisters or butt chafe so far, so that’s great!! What else… We saw three snakes including a rattler! Fun stuff. There are so many hikers on the trail right now it’s insanity.

It’s 8:30pm now, and we are the only ones cowboy camping.. I guess we will find out if this was a mistake. We plan on waking up around 3am and heading to Mt. Lauguna, about 21 miles from here. VEGAN CHILI HERE I COME. Our first resupply is Warner Springs at mile 109! So much food in my pack… Base weight is at 11.6, and with 4-6 days worth of food + 5 liters of water  it was at 29lbs. Not too bad? Could be worse.

Overall, today was pretty great! So so so happy to be out here. I never thought the day would finally come! Almost a year of planning and saving has finally payed off. Also, happy Earth day! Did my part and picked up trash on the trail. Even though every day is earth day!

(Also, I plan/hope on improving with this online journaling thing, I need to get the hang of it + take more photos. But stick around for good stuff! )

-Melissa (yet to be trail-named)

Ps here’s a cute picture of Ripley in front of the monument before I painfully said bye to her

UPDATE: cowboy camping was a mistake… Woke up to drizzling (which wasn’t on the weather report) and now my bag is soaked. But I’m not cryin’, live and learn.


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