Day 8 -April 29

Mile 119.6 to 144 (24.4 miles)  Today was intense! Lots of incline. But Tater Tot and I still managed to hike almost 25 miles! We started hiking around 7:30. After about 7 miles, we went to “Mikes Place” to get water, where we met more hikers, and took a nice break. Mike was giving hikers … More Day 8 -April 29

Day 7 – April 28

Mile 109 – 119.6 (10.6) Woke up to the sound of rain drops this morning. I didn’t want to move, I was so warm and content. But we decided to get up finally around 8 and headed to Warner Community Resource Center, where the party apparently was. There was a field right outside the building … More Day 7 – April 28

Day 6 – April 27

Mile 88 to 109.1 (Warner Springs) 21.1 miles Slept for almost 10 hours last night, cowboy camping, and woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise.  Look at it! Ahh! It’s so so nice to wake up with the birds, as they start to sing. Started hiking around 6am and later on found the billy … More Day 6 – April 27

Day 3 – April 24

Mt Laguna to somewhere Mile 42 to 51 Woke up today around 8, washed my socks and underwear, had breakfast at the cafe with Meghan, Cheeseburger, Mike and the couple from Sweden! Started hiking around 11. Today has a very high wind warning, and it’s been slowing us down but the view of the desert … More Day 3 – April 24